Saturday 11am-12.30pm Concurrent Sessions

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Theme: Transforming Clinical Care
Chair: Peter Cleasby
Venue: Twilight Room 1

Theme: Transforming Clinical Care (RACF)
Chair: Bron Heron
Venue: Twilight Room 2

Theme: Transforming Care Holistically
Chair: Joan Ryan/Alison Dawes
Venue: Party Room

Theme: Transforming Dying
Chair: Bev Mercer
Venue: Auditorium

Workshop 4:
Transforming Clinical Care.
Persuading to make a difference: Sharing lessons of our improvement journeys.
Dr Rob Wilkins & Bernadette King

The unmet palliative care needs of residents in residential aged care facilities: What a scoping study can tell us about future needs.
Claire Backhouse

Workshop 3: Transforming Legacy.
A highly experiential, interactive and inspiring workshop for anyone interested in implementing an arts program in a healthcare space.
Flutter Lyon
Max: 30. Please book in advance

Workshop 4: Transforming Dying.
How can each of us as individuals influence how dying happens in our communities? What are the personal values and philosophies that impact
on how we provide care? Are we prepared to collaborate and ‘play’ with non-traditional end of life care providers?
If not, why not? If so, how do we go about it?
Molly Carlile, AM

Implementing facilitated
case conferencing for people living in aged care with advanced dementia
– benefits, barriers and facilitators.
Tim Luckett

Translation into practice.
Peter Cleasby

Transforming clinical care: One year of after death audits in a residential aged care facility.
Larissa B McIntyre

Transforming the palliative approach in residential aged care facilities in Broken Hill.
Sarah Wenham